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Kite surf conditions and possibilities

A large percentage of tourists come to Santa Catarina Island today mainly because kite surf and wind-surf excellent. In whole region – there are 42 beaches to choose from, so any preference could be easily satisfied. When it comes to surfing with help of wind, it’s not that popular like regular surfing – as it’s a relatively new concept. But as popularity is rapidly growing – now almost anyone could take a chance of wind, ocean and adrenalin boost. We, at the View hostel prepared you set of packages that will help you discover all secrets of kite surfing, and eventually surf like a pro very easily.

When it comes to conditions for kite surfing, best season is during spring time (September, October and November) mainly because of geography, topography and exposure to the Atlantic trade winds, which usually offer excellent conditions for sailing in March as well. During the rest of the year, Florianópolis usually provides fare conditions for this sport, with more than 250 days per year suitable for sailing.

We invite you to join the incomparable beauty of the beaches of Florianópolis that will set you on good vibe where surfing, adventure sports, amazing nightlife will give you time of your life and all that accompanied with your stay at The View perfect location and conditions!

Extra activities & services

If your vacation needs more fun and memorable experiences, we can offer you wide range of extra activities – from surf and boat trips around coast and beautiful lagoon, exceptional trekking, hiking and cycling paths to sightseeing of city attractions. Florianópolis and its areas offer all sort of variety and some of them might be just the thing you need.

Florianópolis Boat/Surf trips

We can arrange you boat trips that would give you opportunity to relax and enjoy while discovering hidden places of paradise that surrounds this area, especially blue waters of Lagoa da Conceição, channel or nearby islands. These trips vary from cruising to hop-on hop-off visiting of several beaches with superb surfing possibilities - including tour guide and delicious food with opportunity to swim in lagoon or on open sea and even see dolphins.

Summer is the ideal time of year for such trips, but once when you in Florianópolis, be sure that you don’t miss such trips, because they don’t cost a lot, but offer an experience to observe wildlife and admire beautiful intact scenery.

Usually boats depart from Beira Mar Norte, a boating port, and our stuff would offer you discounted arrangements with our partner company!

Biking, whale watching, diving, kayaking and much more

For all those enthusiasts that would like to enrich their stay with any of mentioned above, our stuff would be glad to arrange such activities since Florianópolis is known as “place like no other” just because it offers so much. We have developed extensive relationship with local service and activities provider – so we can guarantee you lowest rates. Don’t hesitate to send us inquiry if you have any special requests and we will give our best to meet your needs.

Football in Florianópolis

Brazil is synonym for football in the entire world. Once you are here, be sure that you don’t leave without attending some of games in state championship and as well in Brasilerão, the Brazilian national championship. There are two major football teams in city – Avaí and Figueirense. Our stuff would provide you with all necessary information how to attend such games that are worth checking out.

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Florianópolis nightlife

Floripa, a place that embraces you!

When it comes to nightlife, Florianópolis is really astonishing place. Very intense atmosphere where people from all around the world are creating an incredible mixture of cosmopolitan sense, together with native Brazilian warm spirit – is guarantee that you will have time of your life.

There is quite big variety of places, bars and nightclubs around the city and suburb area that will accommodate your preferences whether you are looking for some chill-out place beside lake or you are pro Brazilian music, reggae, surf bars or main stream fancy clubs. Of course, we would make sure that you experience most of it, but arranging you visits some of best night clubs you have ever been to.

Most of the nightlife is concentrated around the beaches in the summer. During the winter, the night life is concentrated in Lagoa da Conceição, where most of the bars and clubs are located.

Here is just preview of some popular places:

  • Cachaçaria da Ilha, Avenida Osmar Cunha, 164 - Centro, tel. +55 48 3224 0051,. Customary meeting spot for tourists and local surfers. A pleasant spot for a drink with friends.
  • Concorde Danceteria, Av. Rio Branco, 729 - Centro. Nightclub with two floors, 3 bars, a rotating dance floor, and a room with free internet access. Caters to the gay community.
  • Confraria das Artes, Lagoa da Conceição,
  • Ilha do Cascaes, in front of the Costão do Santinho Resort - Santinho, tel. +55 48 3261-1555 e +55 48 3224-1392,.
  • John Bull Pub, Av. das Rendeiras, 1046 - Lagoa da Conceição. tel. +55 48 3232-8535,.
  • Latitude 27, Morro da Praia Mole - Praia Mole,. Live band venue frequented by university students.
  • Mix Café, Rua Menino Deus, 47. tel. +55 48 3324-0102,. 2-story night club with a bar downstairs and a dance floor, stage, dark-room, and bar upstair.
  • Circuit, Rua Henrique Veras do Nascimento, 110, Lagoa do Conceicao, Phone: (+55 48) 3232 4655. The best electronic music club on the island completes with a superior sound system and advanced LED light technology.
  • And much, much more...
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Basic course - 6 hrs.

In this package students will learn all about safety, installation and dismantling of equipment. If all went well, student would be able to stands up on the board, get introductory ride, and then practice under supervision of your instructor.

Intensive course - 4 hrs.

Student will learn same things as in basic course, but process is speed up, and it’s recommended for those who already had some experience with sports related to board and wind, like: windsurfing, wakeboarding, snow, skate, surf paragliding, etc...

Free Introductory - 1 hr.

This class is designed for those that needs to decide whether they would took some longer and more demanding classes. In brief, it will give insight of all aspect of surf and basic techniques.

Basic course 6 hours + accommodation

  • 6 hours class
  • 6 days hosting
  • Buffet breakfast included
R $ 1080.00

Intensive course 4 hours + accommodation

  • 4 hours class
  • 4 days hosting
  • Buffet breakfast included
R $ 720.00

We offer rental of complete equipment on hourly or daily bases: kite, bar, trapeze, board, helmet, vest, etc. Of course – we will help you with mounting and dismounting. After we have been practicing whole day, we would invite you to join us in Hostel for a beautiful Brazilian barbecue, so we can recharge our energies and prepare for the night show or just waking up early and enjoy next day again.

* check current prices because they vary according to season.